Uffizi Home is our successful line of chairs and tables crafted and finished in Italy but stocked in North Carolina for quick ship. The chairs are custom upholstered in High Point and are available for purchase in the United States and Canada exclusively through our partner Sarreid Ltd.

Launched in 2015, Uffizi Home is a collaboration between B&D Home and Sarreid Limited. We recognized the market’s need for a new line of artisan, high quality furniture, designed and crafted in Italy but available quickly to meet the demands of a modern life. By putting down roots in North Carolina, Uffizi Home was our answer to how we could give this incredible concept life. A Sarreid Ltd. exclusive, Uffizi Home is a one stop source for quality Italian design, with the speed and flexibility of domestic American upholstery.¬†Check on Sarreid Ltd. website to purchase or for more information about the Uffizi Home collection.