Arte in Taglio meets B&D Home

We recently met with Carlo the owner of a famous workshop in Florence, where he agreed to shoot some of our made in Italy chairs and cubes on castors that can be used as nightstands, cocktail tables and so on. We took the chance to ask him some questions about his abilities and his passion: restoring wood in Florence, Italy.

How did you start working in restoration?

I’ve begin my career in the famous Florentine workshop called Bartolozzi and Maioli.

What are your main inspirations?

The passion and interest I have for art if what really inspires my works. When you restore something is very important to understand the style of the object and its characteristics so that the antique will look exactly like it is new.

What is your favorite technique and why?

Of course, there are many things that I appreciate in the artistic field, but the best are creativity and skills.

What are your favorite things about Italy and skills of the Italian people that you believe influenced your work?

Italian people have many skills in the many artisanal sectors, but my favorite are their abilities working with wood, glass, ceramic and painting!

What is your favorite Italian artist ?

An Italian living artist that I really admire is the sculptor Vangi

Our porcelain wrapped cube on castors with a magnet closing door to store books magazines and more!

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